About Us

Why Us

As active members of the community, and with our dedication for maintaining sincere, long- lasting relationships, you’ll find our customer service at Buttonwood Financial Group unmatched in the industry. We are a genuine point of connection, an open door welcoming individuals and communities, artists and patrons, wealth and culture, complex financial questions and the expertise to solve them, so we may help enhance the wellbeing of every person, family and institution with whom we are linked.


Prior to founding Buttonwood, our team worked for more than a decade managing a regional office for a nationwide investment brokerage firm. We worked with brokers that managed more than 100,000 accounts for over 25,000 clients, representing more than $1 Billion in investable assets. When that firm was sold to a bank, we knew without a doubt — based on everything we had heard over the years — a huge bank conglomerate was not where our investors wanted to end up. So we took the comments, complaints, ideas, and wishes we had heard over the years and they became the founding philosophy for Buttonwood Financial Group.

At Buttonwood Financial Group, we focus on complete Wealth Management – tax, insurance, estate planning, investments, cash flow, and financial planning. We don’t tell you in which client “box” you fit, we build your “box” to fit your needs. After all, it’s your money, your needs, and your life. To us, client centric means providing personal service from honest, top-notch professionals, 24-hour access to your accounts and financial plans, and low fees.

When proper processes are executed correctly, a wealth management firm can have a lasting positive impact on your life. We are delighted to serve our growing family of clients and are humbled and honored by their trust.

If you have any questions about how we could serve you, or what it means to have a “Family CFO” we invite you to connect.

The talent and passion of our Team members is paramount to the success of Buttonwood Financial Group. Together we share a common philosophy of strong ethics and exceptional service that fosters a positive and fun work environment.

Our team participates in a sense of pride that runs throughout our organization. Pride in a premier financial services brand, pride in our continued leadership in Wealth Management Service and strategy, and pride in our people who create comprehensive solutions for clients using innovative thinking. 

Although we’re not currently seeking additional employees, we are continuing to grow and always happy to see candidates that are interested in working with our Buttonwood family. Below are some positions we are typically seeking as we grow. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and we will keep you in mind for future opportunities.


Success Stories


Mike and Lori, weren’t sure if their current investments would give them enough to fund the dream retirement they were hoping for in 10-years.


The 2008 Market Correction had hit their overall financial portfolio hard. While their investment accounts had gradually regained value, Lori expressed concern that if anything similar might happen again before or during their retirement, it could prove quite disruptive to their lifestyle. At the same time, Mike was concerned they hadn’t saved enough. So they decided to seek advice.

An Investment Strategy That Made Everyone Happy

They came to Buttonwood, wanting safety and growth over the next 10-years, which at first seemed conflicting. But their goal was clear: We needed to implement a combined cash-flow, tax, insurance and investment strategy, fine-tuning their goals and their attitude towards risk. We had an answer for them that we call, the Bucket Approach.

The Bucket Approach

Bucket one contained: Safe Investments. This would be the bucket that would give them daily cash-flow in retirement. The subsequent buckets would house all their conservative and high-risk investments. This strategy allows us to control the overall risk by what assets are in each bucket.

Because Mike and Lori had a decade until retirement and their current cash flow was adequate, we de-emphasized the first bucket and allocated more of their investments to the other buckets. As they come closer to retirement, we will load up the first bucket by shifting some of their higher-risk investments into more conservative options.

The method proves quite valuable to clients who want to manage cash flow and investments while also playing a role in tax and estate planning strategy.

To discuss more in depth this bucket strategy, give us a call at: (816) 285-9000.

Selling a Business

Richard and his wife Edith owned a small business together, which they had poured decades of their heart and soul into.

Selling a Business

For most of their lives Richard & Edith had focused on their company. Twenty years ago, Richard had started the small business and Edith joined in as the company grew. Eventually they had over 50 employees and all the responsibilities that went with running a business. The company was a great success and had their heart and soul right in the middle of it. However, when the offer came in from a friendly group to buy the company for several million dollars it was simply too good an offer to pass up.

Spending some quality time having fun and actually living life outside of their business sounded pretty darn good so they worked out the details, got the business sold and there they were. They had millions in the bank – way over the insurance limit. And that was when it hit them – they were very good at running a business but they only had one chance to correctly invest their life savings. And they needed to do it soon.

After talking with a number of friends, their accountant, and attorney they arrived at Buttonwood Financial Group with what seemed like a simple request: Income for life, please!

After a couple meetings with Richard & Edith to make sure we understood the full picture, we discovered they had done a great job of planning, but what they had not done was implement the plan. Many legal documents including trusts were written but the trusts were never funded. Powers of Attorney were in place for healthcare but not financial decisions.

So we went to work. We coordinated updates to their estate planning documents, opened and funded trust accounts, and promptly consolidated assets from over 20 different bank and investment accounts into 4 appropriate trust accounts. By consolidating accounts, we were able to greatly simplify tax preparation and thus reduced their annual tax bill by more than 50%.

To eliminate concerns about big tax draws as quarterly estimated taxes came due, we met with their CPA and established a “tax account”. Then we set in motion a funding process so money to pay upcoming tax bills were automatically deposited into the tax account.

And last but not least, we mapped out an income strategy that would allow for growth of Richard & Edith’s assets while at the same time providing them a monthly income. Their lives were simplified, bills and income streams that once needed almost daily review were virtually eliminated.

Leaving a legacy

Michelle was unmarried, had no children and was blessed by good fortune and a successful career. She wanted to do something meaningful with her wealth.

Leaving a legacy

Leaving inheritances to her three nieces and nephews, seemed lovely to her, as well as a non-profit that was close to her heart. However, Michelle had no idea how to orchestrate these separate but valuable wishes.

A Desire to Make a Difference

She sought out Buttonwood, told us her story, and we came back with a proposal: What if she established her own private foundation? Michelle loved it! She was most pleased with idea because it truly matched her values. By establishing the Foundation, she’d be able to leave a lasting legacy that would reach community and also, her family.

One-Year Later

She decided to start the Foundation while she was still alive so that she could see and feel the impact of her efforts. Fortunately, we had built flexibility into the plan that allowed us to alter it just enough so Michelle could make her dream happen today. Now, she spends most of her free-time reviewing grant applications, deciding how best to allocate her foundation’s funds, while we coordinate her tax and asset management and other financial day-to-day needs.

If you’re interested in leaving a lasting legacy, let us show you how philanthropy can be incorporated into your long-term financial plan.