Happy Buttonwood Agreement Day!


The start of the New York Stock Exchange all began on May 17, 1792 with the signing of the Buttonwood Agreement.  The signing took place at 68 Wall Street, New York, NY under a Buttonwood Tree.  The mid 1700’s was a time where brokers, merchants and auctioneers bought and sold to one another in offices, coffee houses and marketplaces all over the city.  This lack of formal trading structure in the 1790’s left the future of our nation’s markets in question.

On May 17, 1792, 24 traders gathered at their regular meeting spot, beneath the Buttonwood Tree at 68 Wall Street.  At a time when markets were chaotic, the group decided to organize their trading.   “The Buttonwood Agreement,” as this arrangement would later come to be known, helped to create liquidity and give birth to The New York Stock Exchange.

Today, Buttonwood Financial Group, also founded on the basis of simplifying the complex financial world, brings our clientele financial organization with a personalized focus.  Our goal is to simplify the financial process for families that would like to protect and grow their money.  In our role as Family CFO, we focus on the creation, implementation, and ongoing strategy in our clients’ financial lives.  We provide comprehensive tax, insurance, estate planning, investments, cash flow, retirement, education and business strategies – all integrated into our clients’ lives and based around their specific life goals!

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