Happy Buttonwood Agreement Day!


Written by: Your Family CFO Team

On May 17, 1792, history was made with the signing of the Buttonwood Agreement.  Just sixteen years after America was founded, the New York Stock Exchange was formed beneath the Buttonwood Tree at 68 Wall Street, New York, NY.

The mid 1700’s was a time where brokers, merchants and auctioneers bought and sold to one another in offices, coffeehouses, and marketplaces all over New York City.  Without a formal trading structure in place, the future of the markets was left in question.   The Buttonwood Agreement was a solution to the uncertainty of the future of our nation’s markets.  Twenty-four of the United States’ first brokers came together to implement the important guidelines of the New York Stock Exchange.

Today, Buttonwood Financial Group, also founded on the basis of creating conservative order, brings financial organization and simplification with a strong personal focus to each client we work with.  Through a combination of development of conservative growth portfolios based upon asset allocation theory, as well as specialization in fixed income investments, from retirement to estate planning, the lessons taught by our forefathers come to light every day.

A photo of the restored mural reimagining the signing of the Buttonwood Agreement at 1792, the bar and restaurant at the New York Stock Exchange. Photo is courtesy of the New York Stock Exchange.  http://time.com/4777959/buttonwood-agreement-stock-exchange/ 

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