Schwab IMPACT Conference…


Written by: Jon McGraw

I was in Chicago last week at the Schwab Impact Conference where we had the opportunity to hear firsthand from several key players on todays stage.  I have to report Schwab has done a great job of making this one of the ‘must attend’ events of the year.

I thought I’d highlight three of my favorite keynote sessions:


  1. Peter Diamandis – a very optimistic look at the future through the eyes of technology and private sector innovation through his X Prize Foundation  –> (X Prize Video –> (CNBC Link –>
  2. Simpson / Bowles – a not so optimistc view of the debt problem here in the USA –>
  3. Robert Gates and Richard Haass – also, not so optimistic report on foreign policy / US Security. Their biggest concern: Iran & Israel

If you are interested in more from IMPACT here is a good summary from CNBC  –> –>

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