At Buttonwood Financial Group, we have a lot to be thankful for! In addition to being able to design and implement innovative strategies for our clients, we are thankful for our combined professional network. In 2021, the Buttonwood Financial Team has spent more than 1,200 hours collaborating with CPA’s to digest tax law, attorneys to develop and strengthen estate and business plans, and insurance professionals to protect assets.

Beyond strategy implementation, we are grateful for new technology to keep us working efficiently! Additional workflows and systems added this year have bolstered our mission to empower families to live with financial peace of mind. We settle for nothing less than exceptional service and will do everything we can to continue to fulfill our mission. From solutions to real-world financial problems, to taking day-to-day financial concerns off our clients’ minds, we are beyond thankful for the opportunity to simplify lives and support our clients.

As a group, we have much to be thankful for. As individuals, we also wanted to share some personal thoughts as we approach the holiday season…

“Through the Buttonwood Foundation we are thankful for the ability to learn about and positively impact many amazing non-profit organizations! I am thankful to be mostly through the pandemic, enjoying live music events, great restaurants and travel again! I am also thankful for the opportunity to enjoy time, conversation and great dinners with friends / clients!”

-Jon McGraw, President

“I am thankful to have a loving wife, Jessica, now together for 14 years (married 12), and for two funny, smart, athletic boys, who are full of energy, in Nico and Mateo. The boys keep me young. I am thankful that my dad and brother are looked after with the proper care and live close to us. I am thankful for my wife’s family, who are all close to home and a part of my sons’ lives. Everyone is still going strong, and I hope we can gather for another Thanksgiving this year.”

-Vince Pastorino, Senior Advisor

“I am most grateful for good health and the gift of another day, especially for a day or two to share food, laughter and love with family and friends. And leftover turkey sandwiches with pickles and ketchup – my favorite!”

-Frank Drinkwine, Senior Advisor

“I am thankful for my growing family and watching Thanksgiving dinner grow every year. I am also thankful for Ted Lasso. Bringing joy, while teaching us to be more considerate.”

-Mitchell Smith, Lead Advisor

“I am thankful for the Walnut Creek neighbors and neighborhood in Parkville, MO. It’s a great place to live with wonderful people.”

-Kyle Hogan, Lead Advisor

“I am thankful to have an incredible circle of family and close friends. I wake up every day feeling so lucky and blessed to have such special relationships. This year, I am especially thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my Layne family, as well as my Vulgamore family! My mom’s dressing and broccoli/cheese casserole are my absolute favorites.”

-Macy Vulgamore, Marketing Specialist

“I am thankful that my wife and I have an annual tradition of hosting family for Thanksgiving dinner, where we get to enjoy food, family, football and fun!”

-Brent Bastian, Director of Operations

“I am most thankful for my daughters, Madelyn and Sophia! Those two keep me on my toes and are constantly making me laugh. I am so lucky to have such amazing girls who never fail to put a smile on my face.”

-Jeff Rice, Client Services Specialist

“I am thankful to have such a great family and such a supportive group of friends who will always go out of their way to lift me up. I love the Thanksgiving holiday, especially the turkey and dressing that comes with it.”

-Chris Henry, Portfolio Technical Specialist

“I am most thankful for my family, friends, and community. The ability to have a large network of people I can rely upon when times are tough is a blessing that will never be taken for granted.”

-Danny Hainje, Wealth Management Strategist

“I am thankful to live in such an authentic and enjoyable city! I feel grateful to live in the Brookside neighborhood with a small town feel while also providing big city amenities, it’s a great place to raise my family. I also appreciate the opportunity to work for a company who provides truly impactful wealth management for our clients.”

-Ben Haynes, Wealth Management Strategist