Not just wealth.
Wealth with purpose.

At Buttonwood, our vision is to serve as a point of connection, an open door for bringing together individuals and communities, artists and patrons, wealth and culture, logic and inspiration, complex financial questions and the expertise to solve them, so that we can enhance the wellbeing of every person, family and institution with whom we are linked.


Mike and Lori, weren’t sure if their current investments would give them enough to fund the dream retirement they were hoping for in 10-years.

Selling a Business

Richard and his wife Edith owned a small business together, which they had poured decades of their heart and soul into.

Leaving a Legacy

Michelle was unmarried, had no children and was blessed by good fortune and a successful career. She wanted to do something meaningful with her wealth.

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Discovery the latest news from the Buttonwood team, and received timely insights and perspective on the financial world.

  • All Eyes on Inflation! Inflation is the way economists measure changes in the prices of goods and services. The United States has enjoyed relatively low inflation for a significant period of time. Last week, the consumer price index indicated inflation had moved lower in May. Inflation is our focus because it is at the core of two very different opinions ... Read More
  • The Bull Market in U.S. Stocks is Getting Really Old! In fact, this bull has been charging, standing, or sitting for more than eight years. In April, it became the second longest bull market in American history, according to CNN Money. There are some good reasons the stock market in the United States has continued to trend higher. For one, companies have become more profitable. During ... Read More

Buttonwood Art Space

A community focused gallery located within the Buttonwood building in Mid-town Kansas City. This is a place for local and regional artists to share their artworks and their commitment to non-profit charities.

Financial Focus

We simplify our clients’ financial lives and empower them to bring a greater sense of purpose to their wealth, because we act as their family’s chief financial officer.