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We care! Our genuine interest in you and the lives of your family is proven through our detailed communications, our fiduciary responsibility and our holistic Team approach to planning and strategy execution. The breadth of experiences across our Team allow us to proactively engage with our clients. We provide solutions to challenges all of us will face as we move through life.
Our Team serves as a point of connection for bringing together individuals and communities, artists and patrons, and wealth and culture. Above all, we are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of every person, family and institution with whom we are connected.

The Buttonwood Story

As early as the mid 1700’s, our nation’s financial traders could be found in action on the streets of lower Manhattan. It was during these years brokers, merchants and auctioneers bought and sold to one another in offices, coffee houses, and marketplaces all over town. In the 1790’s, speculative excess, combined with the lack of a formal trading structure, left the future of our nation’s markets in question.

On May 17, 1792, a group of two dozen traders gathered at their daily meeting place, a Buttonwood tree at 68 Wall Street. Facing chaotic markets, they made the decision to organize their trading. “The Buttonwood Agreement”, as this arrangement would later come to be known, helped to create liquidity and give birth to The New York Stock Exchange.

Today, Buttonwood Financial Group, also founded on the basis of creating conservative order, brings to their clientele financial organization with a personalized focus. Through the combination of the development of conservative growth portfolios based upon asset allocation theory, as well as specialization in fixed income investments, from retirement to estate planning, the lessons taught by our forefathers come to light every day.

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A Fiduciary Responsibility

Buttonwood Financial Group, LLC is a fee-based SEC Registered Investment Advisor. As such we openly accept the legal Fiduciary duty of care to put our clients’ needs ahead of our own.

Our Kansas City office is home to a full-time staff of ten; supported by more than twenty individuals in back-office operations.
Our fee structure is simple; we are compensated by a flat retainer fee, in addition to a nominal asset management fee.

What We Do

At Buttonwood, we believe in the fact that as wealth builds, life doesn’t get simpler – it gets more complex.  Our goal is to simplify the financial process for families who would like to protect and grow their money.

You are the CEO of your family.  Who is your Family CFO?  This is the role Buttonwood fulfills for our clients every day!  As Your Family CFO, we provide comprehensive tax, insurance, estate, investment, cash flow, retirement, education and business strategies – all integrated into your life and based around your specific goals.

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