Financial Tools and Access at Your Fingertips

One of the many benefits of working with Buttonwood as your Family CFO is 24/7 access to your entire financial life through industry leading technology. We manage the information and strategy; you monitor at your convenience.

Looking Backward

Buttonwood Portal

The Buttonwood Portal provides our clients with real-time performance and tax reporting. The Portal organizes historical data including: Account values, performance reports, transaction activity (dividends, interest, purchases, sales) and more. Our Team downloads this data daily from more than 70 different banks/brokerage firms/401(k) providers, etc. This allows our clients to view their connected accounts in one convenient place.

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Looking Forward


Buttonwood Wealth Management Solution (BWMS) provides a comprehensive view of each family’s personal strategy. This forward-looking financial planning tool provides a full view of investment assets, insurance, cash flows, estate plan, tax strategy and more. BWMS integrates with the Buttonwood Portal for real-time reporting of assets & liabilities, income & expenses, etc. Through BWMS, you can see where everything is and how it’s all working together to keep your strategy on the right path.

Other Family CFO Tools