Financial Tools and Access at Your Fingertips

As Your Family CFO, we provide you with 24/7 access to your overall lifelong financial strategy.  We know your financial life is complex.  As such, our focus remains on simplifying for you, our clients. Our backward-looking tool, the Buttonwood Portal, takes historical data and feeds into our forward-looking tool, Buttonwood Wealth Management Solution (BWMS).  We provide access to multiple custodial asset management platforms, then take data from those platforms and turn it into real-life strategy.

Looking Backward

Buttonwood Portal

The Buttonwood Portal focuses on historical information: Account values, performance reports, transaction activity (dividends, interest, purchases, sales) and more.  Our Team downloads from over 70 custodians on a nightly basis and enters into the Buttonwood Portal.  From there, all data feeds into BWMS for a comprehensive view of your financial life!  The Buttonwood Portal offers both a web page and mobile app, click links below to download.

Download the Buttonwood Financial Group Portal App on iTunesDownload the Buttonwood Financial Group Portal App on Google Play

Looking Forward


Buttonwood Wealth Management Solution (BWMS) is our fully comprehensive, forward looking financial planning / tracking service. Using historical information from the Buttonwood Portal, BWMS uses the data from the Portal and turns it into real-world strategy. Together, we build and implement your multigenerational financial plan. BWMS will show the implementation of your customized plan and the impact it has on your overall life.  Through BWMS, you can view, in aggregate, your financial assets and how they are working together.

Other Family CFO Tools