Why Buttonwood?

Individuals and families will find many options when looking for a financial relationship. Buttonwood serves a unique set of clientele: Those looking for a fiduciary Family CFO Team who works for them, not for a big company.

Generally, investment managers focus on what they manage – investments. Tax centric firms focus first on tax, Insurance firms tend to turn to insurance products to address challenges, and legal firms dive deep into estate and law. While often very talented, many of these providers are not synchronized with unique multigenerational family strategy, much less each other.

While essential, we often see holes in strategy and opportunities left on the table from these narrower perspectives. Our inclusive role as Family CFO allows us to coordinate investments as we work with other professional talent to develop, coordinate and implement comprehensive multigenerational strategy.

You are the CEO of your Family! As your Family CFO, our attention is on your unique needs and situation. We work with those seeking a long-term relationship focused on developing, implementing, monitoring and simplifying the core aspects of your financial life: Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses, Tax, Insurance and Estate.

When it comes to your financial life, generally investment products don’t provide the solution; coordinated strategy does. Our Team develops and implements real strategy designed to protect and grow wealth, leaving our clients time to focus on family, career and life.

When investment, business, tax and estate strategy is coordinated through a multigenerational lens, the outcome is impactful and can benefit every generation. Our multigenerational approach works for your entire family; up, down and across generations.

Our Approach to a Simplified Financial Life

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Today, many individuals dedicate a significant amount of personal time managing the various aspects of their financial lives.  We ask, what if, like a business, you could have your own Chief Financial Officer?  This is the role we fulfill for families every day! We develop, implement, refine and revise customized strategies for each and every client we serve. Are you ready to explore the benefits of your very own CFO?

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