What Makes Buttonwood Stand Out?

There are many options available in today’s world of financial advisors.  Buttonwood serves in a unique niche; Your Family CFO. While asset managers focus only on investments, our fiduciary role ensures your best interest remains top of mind as we implement your holistic strategy.

What makes Buttonwood unique in the industry?

  • We work for you, not for a big corporation. As we develop strategy we do so with your best interest in mind. We aren’t focused on selling you products, we provide solutions.
  • Our multigenerational approach allows us to look 10, 20, 50 years or more into the future to avoid financial “potholes” we have seen others miss.
  • We have a multigenerational perspective. We implement strategy designed to benefit multiple generations. From legacy, to charitable planning, to annual gifting strategies, our objective is to structure a plan that will benefit every generation.
  • We provide you with the best of both worlds: Investment management across multiple custodial platforms, plus the development and implementation of comprehensive strategy usually limited to the “family office” business model.

Are you looking for an asset manager, or are you ready to explore the benefits of your own Family CFO?  Click HERE to learn more about Asset Managers vs. Wealth Managers/Family CFO.

Our Approach to a Simplified Financial Life

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Today, many individuals dedicate a significant amount of personal time managing the various aspects of their financial lives.  We ask, what if, like a business, you could have your own Chief Financial Officer?  This is the role we fulfill for families every day! We develop, implement, refine and revise customized strategies for each and every client we serve. Are you ready to explore the benefits of your very own CFO?

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