By now, you likely have your daily routine down and are doing your best to keep up with it. While routine is good, it can be easy to fall into a funk of monotony. We shared an article on our website titled “Staying Sane with Activities at Home During Social Isolation” designed to share fun ideas to stay entertained! In addition, we wanted to share other fun ideas to stay busy and continue learning with your kiddos!

As you know, the Buttonwood Team works to be a resource for you and our community. As Your Family CFO, we focus on you and your family, younger and older generations!

We have pulled together a list of fun activities to do with kids at home along with educational resources to keep expanding those little brains!

Get Creative with Family Activities!

Get outside and fly kites!

Enjoy spring weather and soar through the sky with a couple of kites! This isn’t just fun for kiddos, adults will enjoy watching kites fly high as well! Order kites online to keep your social distance, and don’t forget to disinfect them when they arrive!

Learn to juggle

You’re likely already juggling plenty of things. Between homeschooling, keeping up with your own work and ensuring your family has healthy and balanced meals, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Take a more fun approach to juggling and try it out with the kids! All you need are a few balls to get started. Don’t have any balls? Try using lemons, limes or one of your favorite citrus fruits! Learn how to juggle for beginners.

Camp out in the living room

Transform one of your common spaces at home into a fort or tent! While you may not be leaving the house, a good old-fashioned DIY fort can make you and your family feel like you’re away on vacation for the evening!

Break out your flashlights and campfire stories for a night of fun camping indoors! You could even make s’mores together for the full camping effect!

Make a racetrack for toy cars or marbles

Many have struggled to find toilet paper during this unique time. If you’ve got it, you’ve got the empty cardboard tubes as well! Use your empty tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper, paper plates etc and create a fun racetrack to send toy cars and marbles zooming down! Get some inspiration and put your engineering skills to work!

Make a meal together

Cooking together is a great way to pass the time while having some fun! Baking cookies is a common kitchen activity with kids but doesn’t teach much about the value of nutrition.

Print out a picture of the food pyramid and walk through each food group as you prepare your creation. Need some ideas? Check out a few healthy options for the whole family to enjoy!

Pastorino Family making shrimp & grits for a healthy dinner

Educational Activities and Links

Create a schedule to stay on task

It has helped my family to have a daily education schedule and stick to it as much as possible. View the Pastorino Education Schedule here! Also, check out this sample Education Schedule, provided by Erin Vera.

Take a virtual field trip

Explore over 30 virtual field trips to give your kids a look into national parks, farms, zoos and more!

Explore science and all of it’s wonders

Science News for Students

Scientific American

Visit the Smithsonian

Create your own science experiments

Great experiments to try at home

Science kids

Science Activities and Experiments

Learn about Astronomy

Teach Astronomy: Astropedia Textbook

PBS: Introduction to Astronomy Video

Browse through

Challenge those brains with some math

Math is fun!

Math exercises for kids

Read a classic book for all ages

Books for the ages

Recommended Chapter Books – Ages 6 – 18